Wednesday, October 7, 2020

I did another fan art for the podcast, Hello from the Magic Tavern. Or rather, for one of their spin-off podcasts which is called "Earth Games", where the fantasy characters in a fantasy world play games from Earth.

In one episode, they played the New Yorker Cartoon Caption game. They described each cartoon on the podcast, and joked that "listeners should draw the cartoons and send them in to us" and so I thought I would do that.

But, because I am a smart arse, I thought I'd draw ALL of the cartoons in one picture, and include the fantasy podcast characters.

If this makes no sense, then please just enjoy these pretty colours.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

I put down the graphic novel so I could concentrate fully on writing my fantasy novel (I thought I could work on two major projects at the same time, but I just couldn't). I wanted to keep my art going so I did some fan art.

I really enjoy listening to the fantasy comedy podcast Hello from the Magic Tavern, so here is Chunt the shapeshifter, who (for magical reasons) once turned into a seahorse with badger colours.

I listen to a LOT of podcasts and music when I'm doing art!

(I realise now that I did this piece three whole months ago. Oh boy, time flies on lockdown.)

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Pencilling the new graphic novel!

I spent last year writing (short stories and a novel) so I've only recently returned to my next graphic novel, "Rumours of Wolves".

Here's the first page: layout sketch on the left, and pencils on the right.

This page was a horror to figure out, as it's an establishing shot and there was so much information I wanted to get in there. I used Maya to lay out the building, horses and people. 3D is more accurate, but my original rough felt more organic. I like to find a balance between "technically correct" and "looks nice", so when I do the inking, I'll freehand it over the 3D lines to get some wibble in there.

For the last graphic novel, I pencilled on paper and then scanned it, did corrections, then inked digitally. This time, I'm drawing it all digitally---all on Photoshop so far, but I want to move to Clip Studio Paint as it has some really nice comics-specific features.

My awesome friend Grace Crowley who does the webcomic Magellan gives me feedback on my pencilled pages, and she suggested adding horse poop on the ground for realism. (Okay, technically she didn't say that the horses had to be in the process of pooping, but I couldn't help myself.)