Saturday, November 11, 2023

Over ten years ago (phew!) I painted a sky shark picture.

I recently joined Bluesky and I've been throwing my art onto there because I like attention. A few people liked my sky shark:

The comments inspired me to create a baby sky shark (this is just how my brain works). With floaties. Apparently when you're a baby sky shark, it's best to guard against mishaps in your early days of floating.

He looks so happy! Just looking up at this little guy makes me smile.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

I finished the online digital painting course!!!


I did it! I finally finished "Becoming a Better Artist", an online course that used to be run out of CG Workshops.

It took me a while, but holy cow it was worth it. It was the most informative and challenging art course I've ever done, covering all the technical aspects of composition, colour, lighting and textures (plus a lot of other stuff). The teacher, Rob Chang, is a super awesome dude who continued to give feedback to his students long after the course was over. Thank you so much, Rob.

I do still need to practise some things, but I know what I need to practise and how. I feel like I'm at the threshold again, ready to embark on a new adventure. I pushed aside my other projects to focus on this course, and now that it's done, I can focus my efforts elsewhere.

Anyhoooo, behold my final picture: two awkward monsters on a first date that is going horribly wrong.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

More digital texture painting

I spent quite a bit of time practising texture painting. Here are the other two pics I was working on: a husky (for fur practice) and a cliff by the sea (for clouds, rock texture, and ocean).

The cliff was especially challenging. It looked finished to me, and then I came back to it a few weeks later and saw everything that was wrong with it.

At some point you have to call it 'finished' and move on. So, here's the husky (reference on the left) and the cliff by the sea (reference at the top, my work below).