Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm doing another CG Workshops course called Mastering Animals. Learning to draw animals means studying their structure, so that means drawing heads and skulls from photo reference. I'm also enjoying the digital painting! And fur brushes. Fur brushes are nifty.

I wanted a horse head and skull in a similar orientation, so I found the horse above on this site: Horse drinks beer to cure colic. (Heheheh)

 The skull reference on the left is by CitronVertStock.

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  1. That horse skull looks photo-realistic, how did you manage to sculpt that many detail with just a single reference?
    I'm practicing my modelling by sculpting a horse skull (which is totally far out of my league), but I can't manage to get that accurate without tracing the reference itself (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but not all horse skulls are created equal so I would need to lay off tracing references to use more references), and finding the perfect shape for each of the skull's structures, heck I even learned a bit of anatomy terminology because I was getting too deep inside the internet finding a perfect reference, yet you managed to create the skull just by randomly choosing an image out of google.
    Here's what my skull looks like a the moment:
    The reference I use:
    I tend to use an illustration because it's hard to see the details with a photo, I also use an orthographic perspective all the time because it looks much cleaner and easier to see (but the downside is that illustrations and photos all have a field of view), can you give me any beginner tips for sculpting or utilizing references and such? I know this might be too sudden since this post was published 7-8 years ago, I just stumbled upon your blogpost while searching for references since there are hardly any references that I can utilize since I'm not a very experienced modeller, but if you just happen to still be active and saw my reply then I would appreciate if you could share some tips. Thanks.